Brenda’s Testimony

I came in one day from smoking. As I passed the day room I heard a sermon and a man delivering that sermon that stopped me in my tracks. I stayed until the end of the sermon before going on to my room. At the end of the sermon during prayer, the minister asked us to raise our hands if we needed to talk with him after the service. I raised my hand but I knew he had not seen me. I just thought maybe later. A little while after the sermon the minister came by my room to welcome me to the service. I told him I had raised my hand but he hadn’t seen it.

I learned his name was Ken and he sat and talked with me for a good while. He also gave me a bible before he left that day. I explained to Ken that I had been a Christian since I was 12 and remembered every minute how I felt when I was saved. He suggested I write it down and put it in my Bible which I did.

I couldn’t give Ken a testimony because I didn’t know what was going on with me. I knew a few years back I had turned away from my Heavenly Father and felt he hadn’t existed. I read the bible and the booklets Ken gave me; I kept looking for an explanation in the bible and just couldn’t find anything.

One night when I was saying my prayers I realized something was missing. I thought and thought and finally I realized what it was. I wasn’t feeling any emotional attachment in my heart. I kept praying for God to please take me back and take my life and use it for what he wants. I meant that with all my heart. I added something that night that I never realized I needed to pray for and that was for My Lord and Savior to please open my heart and take away the hardness. I had been hurt so badly my whole life, my heart has hardened and I pray God hasn’t turned from me.

I now have felt some emotion and maybe with enough prayers, he will be able to open my heart. I never realized it was hardened so, I never knew to pray for that. I feel there are reasons I came to the nursing home. This may have been one of them. I have been surrounded with love and many friends here and I believe Jesus has been holding my hand through it all and the day I stopped to hear Ken was the day Jesus said for me to stop and listen.

Even though I was saved already I needed to ask forgiveness and ask him to come in just to profess my love for him. If you ever share my testimony with anyone tell them my glass is full and I can cry for the first time in a very long time. I’ve been able to restore my soul, with the 12-year-old emotions.

Your Friend,

Millie’s Testimony

On May 5, 2012, I was doing my normal Saturday Morning Nursing Home Church Service. That day I spoke on John Ch. 3, about the man Nicodemus. I explained how this man came to Jesus by night, asking lots of questions. He was religious but lost. The message was special for me that day. I remembered that I to was religious…However, this day would be forever special to me. The Service was over, and most of the residence were leaving. I gathered my equipment and rolled it down to the exit. Ms. Millie was sitting in her normal place. She asked me if I was the one that spoke that day. I said I was. She pointed with her finger, for me to come to her. I knelt beside her wheelchair. I listened. She softly made a statement to me that would forever change my life. She told me she had some memory loss, and she could not remember if she had got saved, and does that mean I’m not saved? I simply asked her 3 questions.

  1. I asked her if she believed in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Oh yes!
  2. Do you believe He’s gone to prepare a place in Heaven for you? O yes!
  3. Do you believe He’s coming back to get you? O yes!

She answered all 3 questions as a statement of fact. Her memory was as clear as anyone. We had a simple prayer together that day.

I told her, Jesus knew the numbers of her hairs on her head, and the number of blood cells in her body. I felt the Lord leading me to tell her she had nothing to be concerned about. I told her that Jesus knows all about her lost memory and that He knew about the times before in her life. The following week, I came back to the service and spoke with Ms. Millie again. I asked her if she remembered the conversation we had together. O yes!! However, she did not tell me before that she lost her memory, due to 2 previous falls, hitting her head on the cement floor. Today I have peace that Ms. Millie has the assurance of her home in Heaven.

When I come for Church Services, she’s always there. She remembers the conversation we had that day in the exit doors of the Nursing Home. I feel honored to know folks like Ms. Millie.