A typical economy cart, using a # 1 quality 32-inch tall stereo style speaker, and a R.S. – P.A. 40-watt amplifier, with (2) microphone jack plugs, with Ministry Logo. People need to know who’s doing the Service.

The backside of the speaker and the front side of R.S. 40 watt P.A. amplifier.

Close-up photo of R.C. 40 watt P.A. amplifier, 25-foot heavy-duty cord wrapped around cart handle for easy transport, along with netbook computer and charger. The computer is used to store selected YouTube videos, and downloads of personal thumb drives. You will need a 6 plug grounded power surge strip mounted behind the speaker wall. I use a thick leather belt around the cart to assist in loading and unloading the cart. 2 simple heavy-duty rubber straps make a quickly adjustable tie-down for the speaker and amplifier.

PG – 48 Shure microphone or similar quality, 12-foot cable, and (backup) microphone. Sound is a must!!

(Not Shown Optional – Example) Epson Model EMP-755 Video Projector – Lightweight 4×4 Screen.