The purpose of this website is to proclaim the need for God’s people to rise up, to care for lost people in nursing & rehab facilities and senior centers, bringing the good news of the Gospel to a dying elderly society.  My desire is to help motivate the Christian community to get involved in sincere, effective worship to a facility of established Christians, bringing them hope of their future with Jesus Christ, and to get the message of Salvation to the lost!

I will offer ways to bring a genuine worship experience back to folks that are forgotten and alone. I will show the simplicity of getting a church group together to form a ministry that would impact the community for the Lord Jesus Christ.
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I will be happy to talk with your church by phone, email or Skype anytime…

Ken Thompson
Psalm 91 Nursing Home Ministry
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If you can donate Bibles or make a cash donation to help this ministry purchase large print Bibles, please contact Ken Thompson.

Psalm 71:9 (KJV)
Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth.

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